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Lightweight Race Batteries - A new generation of performance. Discover the new generation of performance and reliability with P1 Race Batteries. The P1 Race Battery uses Lithium-ion technology to provide and sustain an overall better performance.

P1 Race Batteries provide continuous 12-14.4 Volts of power ensuring all electronics run to their optimum capacity, not always achieved by lead/acid batteries.

P1 Race Batteries are up to 80% lighter than conventional lead/acid batteries.

Overall dimensions of the battery are significantly smaller, reducing the required space for battery placement. The P1 Race Battery contains no liquid, so can be situated almost anywhere on the bike, giving you more control on weight distribution.

The P1 Race Battery has a very slow discharge rate so there is no need to use battery optimisers to prolong the life of the battery.

P1 Race Batteries technology has been specially developed and vigorously tested, and is now available to order. P1 race batteries are available in three stock sizes which will power and run lighter motorcycles, high compression superbikes and competition sports cars.

We can also custom build a battery to your specific application.